About Luggage Bellhop

History: Vision to Nationwide Luggage Delivery.

Luggage Bellhop’s roots run far and deep in the customer service and luggage delivery business.  Our roots and expertise began 29 years ago in the limousine and chartered transportation industry where we grew from an owner operated, one-man limo startup, into one of the largest limousine companies in greater Los Angeles with a fleet of more than 50 vehicles and servicing clients in more than 500 cities worldwide.  So in essence, we’ve been picking up corporate and VIP clients from airports since 1984, along with their baggage.

Along the way, we discovered that nearly all our clients shared the same frustrations and pain points when we picked them up from the airport.  They just wanted to quickly get off the plane and get to their destination after spending countless hours at airports and on an airplane.  No one wants to waste time waiting for their luggage, or perhaps even more importantly, drag baggage around for hours after landing until they get to their hotel or back home.  Seeing this as a major unmet need and unsolved problem within the air travel industry, Luggage Bellhop was born.

Luggage Bellhop quickly learned that the best way to ensure the reliable pick-up and quick delivery of your luggage to your desired destination would be through partnering with a nationwide network of specialty luggage couriers with years of experience and strong relationships with the airlines and airport authorities.  Today, we have a premium network in place that gives you quick luggage-free exits at 250 airports nationwide in the United States.  Let Luggage Bellhop simplify your next business trip or vacation by allowing you to bypass baggage claim.  Land and go…We Deliver Your Bags!

Insanity: Keep Doing the Same Thing and Expecting It to Change

Don’t let your past experiences of dealing with your luggage leave you so jaded as to not try to find a better way.  You no longer have to tolerate being jammed up elbow-to-elbow with cranky travelers after a long flight, waiting for what seems like forever at the baggage claim for your bags to finally appear on the belt or carousel.  After your bags do finally appear, it is very likely that your travel hassles of lugging around your baggage in your arrival city are just the beginning!  Luggage Bellhop is proud to declare that the days of waiting for your bags at baggage claim and then lugging it to your final destination are no longer mandatory.

Hassles be Gone: Luggage Bellhop to the Rescue

  • No more...losing precious time at the baggage claim.
  • No more...hunting down a luggage cart or skycap to assist you with your stuff.
  • No more...lugging bags, golf clubs, skis, boxes, or company material onto a shuttle bus, to the car rental counter, to your rental car, and then to your hotel room.
  • No more...arriving at your destination all flustered, fatigued, and sweaty.

How Luggage Bellhop Works

  1. Book your air travel as you normally do.
  2. Place an Order at least one hour before your scheduled departure by clicking Book Now.  
  3. Check-in your bags at the airline ticket counter or curbside skycap just like you always do.
  4. Bypass Baggage Claim when you land at your final destination airport and go to your hotel, office, home, or wherever your travels may take you.
  5. We Pickup & Deliver your Luggage within four hours of arrival time if less than 40 miles from the airport. See our FAQ for more details.

Reasons to Use Luggage Bellhop

  • Liberating - Traveling without luggage is freedom
  • Convenient - Allows you to focus on your family or your business
  • Time Constraints – No time to get bags upon arriving at destination
  • Logistically Challenged – Can’t take bags to an interim location after landing, like a business meeting, convention center, restaurant, or sporting event
  • Business Logistics - You are traveling with company material that needs to go to a business location, while all you want is to go directly home
  • Short-term Storage – We can hold your bags for the day and deliver them later in day, evening, or the next day
  • Physically Challenged – Carrying heavy bags is simply not possible
  • Reduce Travel Anxiety - Airports and air travel are stressful enough
  • Family – Get home sooner to see your kids after a long business trip
  • Reduced Chance for Damage - Your bags, golf clubs, or skis go directly from airport to your home, hotel, golf course or ski resort of choice in a truck or van instead of crammed into car trunks, limousines, taxis, and buses.
  • Troubleshooting with the Airlines - If a bag is delayed or lost, we will contact your airline’s Baggage Service Office to make initial inquiry as to status of your bag. Delivery still made after it arrives.
  • Inexpensive – Especially when compared to airline tickets, green fees, or ski lift ticket pricing

Go ahead... it's okay to shout out in excitement and anticipation in knowing that Luggage Bellhop is going to make your next trip a lot more convenient upon arrival!

Land and Go…We Deliver Your Bags!

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